We love to cater parties and events.  No matter how many people you have, we can supply you with fresh, tasty sushi rolls for your entire group.  Give us a call and we can hook you up.  Below are some options from our catering menu.  Feel free to mix and match.


Create Your Own Sushi Party Tray

Choose from any of our Signature Rolls or create your own rolls.  You decide what you want on the tray!  Not sure what you want? Give us a call and we can help build your party tray based on what you like. Contact us today and we'll create a masterpiece for you.


Sushi Roll Party Trays

  • The Rookie Party Tray

The Rookie Party Tray


10 pieces in each roll
- Tastes Like Chicken
- Crunchy Roll
- California Roll
- OMG Roll
- Shrimpin’ Aint Easy
- Caterpillar roll

  • The BOSS Party Tray

The BOSS Party Tray

(4 out of 6 fully cooked)

10 pieces in each roll
- The Crunchy Roll
- Caterpillar Roll
- Rainbow Roll*
- Crunchy Dragon Roll
- Wicked Spicy Tuna*
- Shrimpin’ Aint Easy

  • Signature Party Tray

Signature Party Tray

(4 out of 6 fully cooked)

6 of our most popular signature rolls:
10 pieces in each roll
- The Crunchy Roll
- Wicked Spicy Tuna*
- Spicy Salmon Crunch*
- California Roll
- Shrimpin’ Aint Easy
- That One Roll

  • The Crunchy Party Tray

The Crunchy Party Tray


- 2 Crunchy Rolls - 20 pieces
- 2 Crunchy Dragon Rolls - 20 pieces
- 2 Wasabi Almond Rolls - 20 pieces

  • We Party Raw Party Tray

We Party Raw Party Tray


10 pieces in each roll
- Yellowtail* - green onion, carrots, jalapeno
- Salmon Roll* - cucumber, asparagus, carrots
- Tuna Roll* - mango, jalapeno, cucumber
- Rainbow Roll*
- Spicy Salmon Crunch*
- Wicked Spicy Tuna*


Side Sampler Party Tray and Sides

  • Side Sampler Party Tray

Side Sampler Party Tray

- Fruit Salad
- Spicy Edamame
- Seaweed Salad
- Calamari Salad
- Edamame



 House Salad  $8.99  Spicy Edamame  $7.99
 Calamari Salad  $14.99  Edamame  $7.99
 Seaweed Salad  $10.99    


* These items are served raw or may contain raw ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.